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Stacy Malkan on View from the BayIf you’re researching toxic chemicals, genetically engineered food, pesticides, or other environmental health issues, we can put you in touch with the right sources, latest research, and trends in the field. Contact

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Saving the Bees

Safe Cosmetics

Labeling GMOs

Moving the Market to Safer Chemicals


Giving the Plastics Industry a Makeover, TedX, Stacy Malkan

Take a journey with Dora the Explorer from the vinyl plastic factory in Cancer Alley, Louisiana, to the chemical plants for toxic plasticizers and carcinogenic shampoo ingredients, to your baby's tub. It's time to give the beauty industry, the plastic industry and the chemical industry a makeover! And the global economy, too.  

The Story of Cosmetics by Annie Leonard

More than 1.4 million people have seen this 8 minute film made by Annie Leonard, Free Range Graphics and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Read Why We Made the Story of Cosmetics by Annie Leonard and Stacy Malkan. Share this video — especially with the young people in your life!  

The Human Experiment, narrated by Sean Penn (Trailer)

This powerful documentary produced and narrated by Sean Penn follows three women — a young cancer survivor, a couple struggling with infertility, and a woman taking care of her autistic brother — while documenting the human experiment waged on all of us by an out-of-control chemical industry. See ABC News story. 

Unacceptable Levels (trailer)

A film about chemicals in our bodies, and how they got there. Unacceptable Levels took home the Health and Environment Prize at the 30th International Environmental Film Festival in Paris. HEAL’s Executive Director, Genon Jensen, declared, “This excellent film brings home in a very real way the link between our environment and our health.” 


Pink Skies (Trailer)

Pink Skies is an inspirational documentary about overcoming obstacles as athletes and as human beings. The film covers an extraordinary event, Jump for the Cause, that brought together 181 women from 31 countries to create a World Record All-Women's Skydiving Formation. They jumped out of nine planes to break the record and raised nearly $1 million dollars for breast cancer research and prevention for City of Hope.