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Upcoming Events

Stink! The Movie 

Thursday April 21, 2016; 7 p.m. 
Landmark Clay Theaatre
2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 

The movie the chemical industry doesn't want you to see! San Francisco premiere and benefit for the Breast Cancer Fund. Post Q&A screening afterward moderated by Stacy Malkan, with Karen Behnke, Hillary Peterson and Janet Nudelman. Buy Tickets Here, and see the Stink! website for more details.   


Fran Drescher's Women's Health Summit 2016

Stay tuned for details... 

ShiftCon Blogger Conference 

December 1-3 2016 
New Orleans  

Tired of corporations like Coke sponsoring "wellness" conferences for women bloggers? Join the one, the true eco-wellness blogger conference, ShiftCon. I'll be speaking on a panel about the food fight PR wars with Anna Lappe of Real Food Media and Kari Hamerschlag of Friends of the Earth. See our report, "Spinning Food: How Food Industry Front Groups are Shaping the Story of Food."