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Label Genetically Engineered Foods

How far will the chemical companies go to keep Americans from our right to know what's in our food? After spending over $100 million on dirty campaigns and violating election laws to stop initiatives to label genetically engineered foods in Washington, California and Oregon, the chemical food lobby has convinced Congress to make it illegal for states to label GMOs. Read all about it here: 

Not a good move for the food industry, which needs to win back the trust of American shoppers who want to know if their food is genetically engineered, via simple lables that are already required in 64 other countries

Policy/Science News 

July 2016 Keeping Secrets from Consumers: Labeling law a win for industry/academic partnerships
July 2016 Congress Backs Big Food over Consumers with GMO Labeling Law 
July 2016 Congress Passes Law that Nullifies Vermont's GMO Labeling
Apr 2014 Food lobby floats bill to make state GMO labeling illegal 

Market Campaigns 

Aug 2016 11,000 Grocery Stores in US Reject GMO Salmon
Mar 2014 Will Walmart be known as the genetially engineered salmon store
Jan 2014 Under pressure from activist groups, Cheerios goes GMO free 
Nov 2013 Gerber, McDonald's say no to GMO apple

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3 Things You Can Do to Defend Our Right to Know What's in Our Food

Boycott Companies that Fought our Right to Know! 
Pro-GMO or Pro-Right-to-Know? Check out this list of companies that spent millions defeating our right to know about GMOs - and don't give them your money.

Buy Organic 
Be good to your body and the planet, buy organic! Or at least go Non-GMO

Support U.S. Right to Know
We continue to fight for our right to know what's in our food - and to expose what's going on behind the scenes that the food industry doesn't want you to know about - at U.S. Right to Know. Read all about what we're digging up, and join our list here

To the healthy food revolution!