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Save the Bees, Save Ourselves

Bees and other pollinators are essential for two-thirds of the food crops we eat everyday, and they are great peril. Unprecedented, massive bee die-offs have occurred in recent years, and a growing body of research implicates a new class of pesticides called neonicitinoids.

Instead of getting these pesticides off the market and out of our food system, companies like Monsanto and Bayer have launched a tobacco-style campaign of trickery to fool the public, pressure legislators, and cast themselves as friends of the bees while making billions selling bee-killing pesticides. It's time to ban neonicitinoid pesticides as Europe has done — the bees can't wait five more years.

Recent News

June 2014  Does your home garden contain neonicotinoids? Probably, according to a new study
June 2014 Largest review of neonic science finds that systemic pesticides harm various species
May  2014 Harvard Study strengthens links between neonicotinoids and bee colony collapse
Dec 2013 European Food Safety Authority reports neonic pesticides may harm babies’ brains
Dec 2013 European Union officially bans some neonicitinoids due to protect bees


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3 Things You Can Do to Save the Bees

Lobby for the Save America’s Pollinators Act
Write your Congressional Reps, support the Save America's Pollinators Act to ban bee-killing pesticides. 

Plant a bee-friendly garden - organic only! 
Buy organic plants for your garden that haven't been doused with pesticides. 5 steps to a bee friendly garden

Write to Lowe’s 
Demand they stop selling bee-friendly plants that contain bee-killing pesticides. Take action here.

For the bees!