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Giving the Beauty Industry a Makeover

How many personal care products did you use on your body today? From lotion, to deodorant, make-up and even baby shampoos, we use body-care products every day that may contain chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, acne and other problems. But here's the great news: A strong and powerful health movement, led by women, is giving the beauty industry a makeover! In 2016, there is no excuse for companies to put cancer-causing and other dangerous chemicals into cosmetics. Track the latest developments here...

Recent News 

Listen in on my interview on NPR On Point with Tom Ashbrook

New York Times expose by Eric Lipton and Rachel Abrams:
Their Hair Fell Out, Should FDA Have the Power to Act? (YES!) 

New York Times Editorial Board: Is Your Lipstick Bad for You? 

Bloomberg: Lauren Coleman-Lochner finally reveals the Wal-Mart list! 
Wal-Mart Asks Its Suppliers to Stop Using 8 Chemicals 

Also see: 

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3 Things You Can Do for Safe Cosmetics 

Join the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics 
Engage with the activists who are changing the face of the beauty industry. Join the Safe Cosmetics Action List, connect on Facebook and Twitter

Just say no to toxic products! Support companies you trust. 
Buy from companies that share your values and forget the big beauty corporations like Revlon, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, Cover Girl, Avon and the many others that are using toxic chemicals even though safer altermatives are available. Check the Skin Deep database and choose products with a score of 0-2. 

Lobby Congress for laws that protect our health.  
Read up on the Safe Cosmetics Act and urge your Congressional reps to support it. 

For our health!