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How to Find Safe Cosmetics in a Toxic World

baby-shampoo-safe-not-toxicStacy Malkan  |  First appeared in en*theos |  September 2013

How many products did you put on your body today? Shampoos, deodorants, lotions and soaps promise to make us feel shiny, fresh, soft and clean. But how clean are these products, really?

In 2002, I was part of a group of women who decided to investigate. Over the past decade, we’ve tested hundreds of personal care products at labs, researched the chemicals in cosmetics, and our partners built the Skin Deep database to score tens of thousands of personal care products for toxicity. 

We created the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and went knocking on the doors of the world’s largest beauty brands, asking them to stop using chemicals linked to cancer and…

3 Lessons of Walmart's New Chemical Policy

Stacy Malkan  |  First appeared in Huffington Post  |  September 2013

walmart-perfumeThe world's largest retailer has sent a loud and clear message to the market: People don't want to buy toxic products.

Walmart new rules requiring cosmetics and cleaning product companies to fully disclose ingredients and eliminate a priority list of hazardous chemicals are a bold challenge to business-as-usual. 

They haven't released the list of chemicals -- ironic, considering this is a transparency policy -- but we can guess at likely suspects from Procter & Gamble's announcement that it is dropping phthalates and triclosan,…

Why GMO Labeling is a Story of Solutions