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Safe Cosmetics for Frugal Shoppers

Stacy Malkan  |  Earth Day 2014 

moneyHow can I invest in my values and my health by buying safe products from companies I trust, without breaking the bank?

I’ve happily discovered, what’s best for my body and the planet is often best for my budget too. It just takes some holistic accounting; spend money on good food and nontoxic products and offset any extra cost by leaving behind all the unnecessary toxic stuff I don't need made by companies I don't trust. 

In this way, I spend far less money than I used to on products that are better for my health, my conscience and the planet. Here are some tips:

Less is more — Companies spend tons of money trying to make us think we need a different cleaning product for every room in the house, a different lotion for every part of our bodies, and expensive skin creams to make us look years younger. What they don't tell us is that those $100 face creams contain chemicals that are…