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3 Actions for the Food is Love Revolution

Stacy Malkan  |  February 2014

bee loveThere's a seat at the table for you at the Food is Love Revolution. Are you in?  

I say “food is love” because in my family, especially for the women, preparing and offering food is the deepest expression of love. It’s how we connect and share ourselves. What happens to our food is as personal as it gets. 

That's why it matters that corporations are changing the DNA of our most important food crops for profit, in ways that can't be undone.

And it's why I believe the Food Revolution is unstoppable -- it’s based in love, not fear. It’s rooted in possibilities for creating a healthy food system that feeds the world without harm. 

Thanks to all who joined the GMOs What You Need to Know online conference. Nearly 10,000 registrants and so many great comments on the blog,…