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Protecting the Bees, and Our Future 

Bees are crucial to our food system, and they are dying at alarming rates. A growing body of science implicates a new class of pesticides called neonicitinoids. The European Union says there is enough evidence to ban neonics, but these chemicals are still legal — and widely used — in the United States. In fact, they may be in your own backyard garden.  >> More


The Movement to Label GMOs

The huge majority of Americans want genetically engineered foods to be labeled, and 64 countries already labels them. But the big chemical and food companies have spent milliions to keep Americans in the dark. What’s going on with our food system? And what's next for the labeling movement? >> More


Giving the Beauty Industry a Makeover

How many personal care products did you put on your body already today? A dozen or more containing over a hundred chemicals, if you’re like most women and teens. Many of these products contain chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems. But growing consumer demand for safer products is forcing the beauty industry to clean up its act. >> More


Big Brands are Shifting to Safer Chemicals

Walmart, Target, Staples, Hewlett Packard… it’s not just the environmentalists saying we need to move the market to safer chemicals. Some of the world’s biggest brands are taking bold steps to understand what’s in their products, eliminate hazardous chemicals, clean up their supply chains and innovate green chemistry solutions. >> More